Friday, September 27, at 12:30pm, the friends, family, and supporters of Leroy Evans will hold a rally at the Delaware County Courthouse demanding JUSTICE FOR LEROY. 
We hope that you, the strongest supporters of Leroy’s cause, will help us gather the largest crowd yet to raise the loudest voices, and to force Leroy’s case to be seen, heard, and reopened! 

As in Leroy’s case, it was irresponsible of the prosecution to overemphasize this “cleaned up” storyline, as no other evidence existed to explain why two boys had no blood on them after purportedly stabbing someone 27 times! In Leroy’s case, Jones’ original, and damning testimony – that Leroy bludgeoned Emily Leo with an iron – was wholly unsupported by the evidence. There was no blood inside or outside, on Leroy’s belongings, or on his clothes. There wasn’t even an iron! Yet the prosecutors repeatedly constructed the story of a bloody crime scene, and Leroy’s seemingly superhuman ability to clean it!

This Summer, Alice Evans celebrated her 85th birthday. Over 150 members of her family and friends came from far and wide to honor this remarkable woman. She was surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, foster children, siblings, and so many more. Together we laughed, smiled, sang, prayed, and hugged, celebrating this loving mother’s life. 
In the middle of the party, Leroy called from prison to wish his mother a Happy Birthday. It was as close as he could get that day.

After 39 years, it is time for Justice.
Opening an investigation can explain: 
  • why there was no blood at the crime scene; 
  • why the supposed murder weapon was not found, nor is it in evidence; 
  • why the testimony that led to Leroy’s unjust imprisonment 39 years ago is not supported by any of the evidence;
  • why Anthony Jones’ 73-page sworn testimony matches all of the evidence, exonerates Leroy, yet is ignored by the District Attorney

No one is demanding innocence without evidence; we are just confident that the evidence, when reviewed, will clearly prove Leroy’s innocence! 

So many of you have come to know Leroy and his family by reading about his case, following it in the news or on social media, and adding your voice to the growing chorus crying out for the case to be investigated. As ever, we are raising our voices loud enough for the District Attorney find the decency to open an investigation into the original case. 

Everyone at Alice’s birthday party, along with thousands of Leroy’s supporters across the country, see the injustices in this case, and in our criminal justice system as a whole. 
From friends and family, to celebrities who have stepped up to Leroy’s cause, all of us have to work to make his voice heard.
Everyone matters.
You, Alice, Leroy. Every voice matters.
Together, we can make sure Justice is delivered for an innocent man.

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