Anthony Jones' 2016 Sworn Statement, confessing to the murder and laying out the true details of the crime, July 26, 2016

2016 Evidence Review by Ret. Det. Mike Santarelli,
supporting the true sworn statement of Anthony Jones in 2016

1980-81 Search Warrants & Crime Reports,
Connecting Evidence at crime scene to Anthony Jones’ 2016 statement

1980 Rope Evidence

1980 Evidence from Anthony Jones’ house,
Contradicts his 1981 testimony that he did not lure Emily Leo to his home,

and that no one in his family knew Mrs. Leo.

Paperwork and brochures collected as evidence from Jones’ home, Nov. 1980

Page from Emily Leo’s order book showing the name of “Eddy Jones” and the phone number. Jones said in his 2016 statement that he used this name and number when he invited Mrs. Leo to his house. This order for “Eddy Jones” is the only order she took that day.

Page from Emily Leo’s contact book showing the name and number of Barbara Jones, Anthony Jones’ mother. At trial in 1981, Anthony Jones claimed neither he nor his family knew Mrs. Leo.

Support from Mayor of Chester City to the Delaware County District Attorney, supporting revisiting Leroy Evens’ case, Dec. 6, 2017.

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