In a moving story of love and family, Leroy’s mother, Alice, reminds us that we are all connected. Our story is not ours alone, but impacts generations, those who have come before us and those who will be our legacy.

Her prayer is simple:

“I’m hoping and trusting that God let me live to see [my son’s] feet on the ground again before I leave this earth.”

Listen to her story.

Rosemary Evans

At the age of 12 and 14, Leroy and myself became young lovers growing up on the same street together. Leroy, aka June, as we all know of and called [him], was the sweetest, most loveable, and caring person myself and others knew. There was not a day or time in my life with him did he ever raise his voice or hand towards me. He always said, Rose, you’re gonna be my wife one day(read more)

Sister Maggie Gannon

Although he may not identify as such, I feel Leroy is a Franciscan at heart. Franciscans continually grow in an awareness of God’s presence and work among us. For Franciscans, forgiveness is more important than revenge, even though we may have the same feelings as anyone else when we are hurt. We cling to hope rather than give in to despair, for God is with us in Jesus.(read more)

Sister Sheila Galligan

Leroy bears no signs of ill will or resentment – no toxic bitterness. He bears witness to the difference faith can make, even when the world (or the justice system) has ceased making sense… (read more)

Michael J. Malloy, Esq.

From the first moment I met Leroy, I realized he and his case were different… (read more)

Mike Santarelli

The crime scene, as described by the investigators, seemed to not fit with what we knew about Mrs. Leo’s injuries from the Medical Examiner’s report… (read more)

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