Upcoming Events & Important Dates

* October 19, 2019

11am – 3pm
Cheyney University
Cheyney, PA

Delaware County Black Caucus‘ 2nd Annual Symposium on Criminal Justice Reform. Keynote speakers include Dr. Yusuf Salaam and Van Jones. Attorney for Leroy Evans, Michael J. Malloy, Esq., to speak on an afternoon panel.
Tickets available here.

* September 27, 2019

Delaware County Court House
Media, PA

RALLY FOR JUSTICE. Join Leroy’s friends and family to demand Justice for Leroy on the steps of the Delaware County Court House. DA Katayoun Copeland must stop ignoring our voices. Demand Justice!

* March 27, 2019

Drexel Neumann Academy
1901 Potter St., Chester, PA

Join Attorney Michael J. Malloy and others involved in the case in this big Justice for Leroy planning meeting. We are ready to take concrete steps to ensure Leroy’s case is reopened this year. We need your help!

* JANUARY 30, 2019

Church of the Restoration
6900 Stenton Ave., Phila, PA

Join Attorney Michael J. Malloy and retired Homicide Detective Mike Santarelli for a community meeting on Leroy’s case, his fight for justice, and what’s ahead for 2019.
All are welcome to the Church of the Restoration to hear Leroy’s story and to find out how you can help! 

On October 30, 2018, Judge Bradley denied Leroy’s request to have DNA retrieved and examined, and further denied his request to have Anthony Jones’ testimony and all of the new physical evidence presented. Once again, the justice system has turned a blind eye to the truth, and to Leroy Evans. 

Despite this unexpected setback, we have already filed appeals to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. We are waiting on Judge Bradley’s Opinion, before we can file our next brief and move forward. We are optimistic that Leroy will have the opportunity to finally present all of the new evidence and testimony to prove his true innocence in 2019.

We expect major developments in the case in April, 2019.

In the meantime, we will be holding a rally to bring support and attention to Leroy’s cause in the Spring, 2019. Please check here and make sure you are on our email list for all the updates.

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