Rosemary Evans


At the age of 12 and 14, Leroy and myself became young lovers growing up on the same street together. Leroy, aka June, as we all know of and called [him], was the sweetest, most loveable, and caring person myself and others knew. There was not a day or time in my life with him did he ever raise his voice or hand towards me. He always said, Rose, you’re gonna be my wife one day.

Our friendship, love, time together growing up like this was adorable.

I was the best friend to the family and his sisters. June was always there for all of us. He was our role model, keeping us together in sports, doing homework, activities keeping us from the streets. He was the big brother, friend, and joy that any female or anyone could love.

I remember the time June said he was leaving us for a while so he could join the Navy to follow a dream he wanted and to provide for his family. We were expecting our first child. During the early months of my pregnancy, missing him dearly was hard but I knew he would return after boot camp, which was 3 months or more. He arrived back home due to a discharge because of his knees being bad.  

Finally, May 29th our son was born. We became the happiest parents. June said, my first son, he’s gonna be someone special.

At 3 months, our house was on fire. We all made it to safety when my sister said, June, the baby’s in his crib. June sprung into action, climb[ing] through the roof, going thru the bedroom window, grabbing our son to safety. June also saved his sister due to a fire also.

June is the type of man that never wanted his family to hurt or be hurt. He had a heart of gold towards everyone no matter who you were or what color.

As we lost our house due to the fire, Red Cross placed our family in the McCafferty Village section and this is where we met the Jones family, and Anthony Jones. June was again like a big brother, friend, and peacemaker to all the young guys in the village including Anthony Jones.

The day of the crime in November, I was at work at Fair Acres and June was with our son and my mom, doing some work for my mom around the house. June was a working man, always keeping busy for his family and our son.

When Anthony Jones lied on June, the entire area, friends and family, knew June could never hurt or harm anyone. He had the heart of gold towards anyone, male or female.

This tore a big hole in our hearts, as we believe and kept the faith [that] one day this would be over. We would visit every visiting day as we battled [for] his freedom or tried to, and still will do so.

I continued to keep his son and only child in his life as he sat behind them bars. Still 37 years later, we still try and pray one day will come for the return of June coming home with no shame and no guilt.

He’s still a good man til this day, only God knows. We still talk and laugh over a lot of our times we had as he would always pull my ponytail, saying, you’re gonna be my wife one day.


I know for sure if this hadn’t separated us, we still would have been together 37 years with our family growing, since my son is the only child and needed sisters or brothers that never happened.

Til that day comes, we pray for it.

Local attorney hopes to reopen decades old murder case

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Local attorney hopes to reopen decades old murder case

By Bruce Gordon

Dec 17 2019, Fox 29 Philadelphia

Local attorney hopes to reopen decades old murder case

By Bruce Gordon

Dec 17 2019, Fox 29 Philadelphia

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