The justice system can ignore one man, as the last 38 years have proven, but it can’t ignore a crowd.

The louder we can make Leroy’s voice, the more likely the court is to listen.

Reach out today

Please reach out to as many of the following individuals and offices as you can. We hope to be a Movement for Justice for Leroy.

In addition, please contact your local media (in PA and beyond), tweet your favorite activists and celebrities, message the national press. Be loud! You never know who is listening who can make a difference. 

Katayoun Copeland,
Delaware Co. District Attorney

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Call: 610-891-4161

Tom Wolf,
Governor of Pennsylvania

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Call: 717-787-2500

Join us

Jack Stollsteimer, prosocutor and Democratic candidate for Delaware County District Attorney, issued a press release on Feb 6., 2019, supporting Justice for Leroy and calling on current District Attorney, Katayoun Copeland, to reopen the case. 

The Mayor of Chester, Thaddeus Kirkland, and the Chester Chief of Police have already written a letter to the District Attorney, Katayoun Copeland, supporting Leroy’s innocence and calling for justice.

The very city and police department that arrested Leroy 38 years ago are begging the courts to reopen the investigation!

Demand Justice for Leroy Evans.

Tell everyone you stand with the Mayor and Chief of Police in demanding the case be reopened.

You can help Leroy!

The louder the voice, the quicker the response.

Your support for Leroy is encouraging and deeply appreciated, and we need your help in getting out the message of Leroy’s innocence.
His wife of 40 years, Rosemary, still waits for her husband to return home.
His son is now a grown man, himself, older now than when Leroy went to prison in 1980.
His mother, Alice, 86 years old, waits for her son to be free

Join us and be a part of the Movement in support of this innocent man!

Share on Social media

 We are asking each of you to reach out to as many people as possible through social media, word of mouth, etc. and ask them to join us and spread the word of Leroy’s innocence.

The more voices who react to this injustice and join us in this march for innocence, the better the power of our movement and our message.

Contact your


Make Leroy’s voice louder!

Contact them not just once, but as often as you can! Demand that they re-open Leroy’s case!

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Leroy’s Cause

Attorneys and legal experts have been so moved by Leroy’s case that most of the work to bring him justice is being offered pro bono.

But the legal process is complicated and long, and we are seeking support for additional experts, filing fees, and even the mundane, yet necessary daily tasks of filing appeals.



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